mercoledì 2 marzo 2011

I vermi conquistatori - final COVER ILLUSTRATION

ITA - La nostra illustrazione definitiva per la copertina de "I vermi conquistatori" di Brian Keene, Edizioni XII. Il libro è appena uscito e disponibile!

ENG - Our final cover ILLUSTRATION and design for the Brian Keene's "Conqueror worms" italian translation, Edizioni XII. The book is already available!
This is our final version: the first version the publisher commissioned us was a typical apocalyptical dark scene where the storm, flooding and the worms were destroying a big city. We thought it was an "external" and stereotyped image and view. So, we created a second version that we think fits better the text and we like more to show the inner view of the catastrophe, and also the publisher was far more satisfied with the second version. The scene is inspired by a part of the book, a sort of "portrait" of the loneliness of the main character: the solitude and silence of a mankind in a house in the woods and his despair of loss. At the same time to focus a brief sense of "quietness after the storm", where just wildlife sounds can be heard (a deer and a bird). The worms are looming, the man is restless and afraid, "disarmed", helpless.

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